Mithril Social mining, a great experience

Since the appearance of crypto coins has always been talked about mining, starting with Bitcoin, the mother of all, was popularized this concept that has lasted since 2008, the year in which the first crypto was created.

With the time, the speed with which the user mines some coin has become much faster, the hardware every day is much more powerful allowing to obtain excellent results, however, these are very expensive, install a small machine and put it into operation can cost you months of savings.

But the concept of mining was not only to place machines autonomously, now you can do this work through a Smarphone with an application created by the great project of Mithril called PiePie.

What is Mithril and PiePie?

Surely some time in your life you uploaded some photo or video in some social network, PiePie is exactly this, only that we have the advantage of generating a cryptomone called Mithril, simply by sharing and receiving the famous likes, we can receive incredible amounts of this crypto.

What has been my experience in this type of social mining?


First of all, not needing a computer running 24 hours a day consuming large amounts of energy is simply great, from the ease of the smarphone I have been able to generate really provocative income, I also have fun watching many people in the world, their travels, typical foods and many more things.

Secondly, I can do it anywhere in the world, moving mining equipment from one place to another can be a terrible thing, but with my phone I forget all those things, sharing my videos and photos is the only thing that should worry me, this makes it unique and accessible.

If you want to try this excellent tool called PiePie I invite you to download it, it is available in Andoid and iOS.

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